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About Us

House of venom was originally formed in 2012. After I sold my old reptile business, I took the few venomous snakes with me and converted my garage at home and took the money I made from selling the shop and added many more animals. Venomous snake keeping only as far back as 2012 was not very well documented as to how people kept their collections etc so I decided to make a Facebook page showing everything that I used to do on a daily basis to provide care for a venomous collection in the home. This also showed people that as long as you were a sensible person then keeping venomous snakes at home was not as difficult to achieve and maintain as expected.

In 2016 an opportunity arose for me to open another retail store and display some of the magnificent animals I had kept for so long. The shop provides all of your basic everyday reptile needs from lighting, heating, housing, decoration and with our animals, everything from Royal Pythons and Corn Snakes to Taipans and King Cobras, Bearded Dragons and Tortoises to Crocodiles & Gila Monsters. We do full home installations with spectacular results. If it's cold-blooded, then you are coming to the right place I can assure you.

After getting settled into our bricks and mortar store and listening carefully to what our customers want, brings me to changes for 2019. Everybody wants the best deal and to haggle with shop prices as they can get things cheaper online. So, comes the launch of House of Venom online too. We are starting off with all live and frozen foods with all other essentials being added gradually after. We want to grow the web business gradually, so we can ensure it works properly for us and more importantly for you.

We are passionate about reptiles. We do things right. It is why we are growing as a company. It is what you want and is what we want to give.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to House of Venom.

Alex & Family

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